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Green Level Kennel
1401 Old Ivey Rd
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We Offer:

Amenities at Green Level Kennel

  • Large outdoor fenced
    play yards
  • Generous indoor climate controlled runs
  • Play groups offered for socialized dogs
  • Professional bathing available
  • Family owned & operated, on premise

Dog and Cat Boarding

Dog Boarding

Your dog should have a safe, clean place to stay while you’re away. Unless you request otherwise, each pet has his own indoor climate controlled space that’s appropriate for his breed. We keep our pet guests’ quarters clean and as comfortable and relaxing as possible. For this reason, we include a hypoallergenic cot and allow you to bring his own bedding and toys to assist in his enjoyment.

We also have enclosures that would allow more than one family dog to stay together. These enclosures are large enough for your pets to move around in and/or to lie down simultaneously. We even have the ability to separate them for a short time while they eat if necessary.

Play Times

We believe your pet needs adequate exercise to maintain good health and happiness during his time with us. Because of this belief we include two 30-minute play times and two 15-minute bathroom breaks in our basic boarding cost. With your permission, we will match your dog’s size and temperament with other dogs who love to play as much as your pet does. If you decide he is better suited to play alone, he will receive the same amount of time outside, but will be in one of our spacious individual play yards. We also reserve the right to withdraw our friends from play group for the safety of themselves or others.

Cat Boarding

Cats might seem pretty independent, but we know they need just as much love as dogs. All of our cat guests have their own special cat condos in a dog-free section of our boarding facility to provide them a safe and more relaxing personal environment. They stay in our double sided cages; each enclosure has a “bedroom” side and a “bathroom” side, and is centrally located to ensure regular loving attention from our family. We also include a soft bed for them to sleep on, or you are welcome to bring their own from home.

Food and Medications

We will take care of giving all medications (please be sure they’re properly labeled), and are glad to give your pet our food or yours from home at no extra cost. We provide Bil-Jac Select for our guests but will be glad to feed your pet as you direct us to. Bil-Jac Select is a chicken based adult maintenance dry food. For more information on Bil-Jac, see the FAQ page.


  • Extra group play
  • Individual cuddle time
  • Night time potty
  • Individual playtime
  • Exit bath